Creation Reformation and the Truth About Evolution

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At Creation Reformation our mission over time is to provide people with the necessary knowledge to reject evolution as an explanation for their existence and to embrace creation according to the Genesis account. It’s time for a creation reformation!

Our goal is that all people, and especially Bible-believers, will find encouragement and hope in the knowledge that they are not evolved, but are special creations made in the image of God.

In our view, evolution (as an explanation for the creation of human beings from a prior non-human life form) can be shown to fail. And the reason is simple; to see why, link to our explanation in The Natural Selection Paradox.

Further, if evolution is true, we show how that fact renders the Gospel message void; true creation of male and female by God is a historical necessity to render the Gospel necessary and redemptive. For a sampling of our thoughts, see here and here.

Stay tuned! We add content weekly. Soon we will have available valuable resources for students, teachers, parents and pastors/rabbis/clergy of all kinds.

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Evolution: The Prince Rupert’s Drop of Science

If evolution is true, it should be unbreakable as a theory. Have you ever heard of the Prince Rupert’s drop? Prince Rupert’s drops are toughened glass beads created by dripping molten glass into cold water where the drop rapidly cools. The droplet solidifies into a tadpole shape with a long, thin tail. But the reason these drops have a name (Prince Rupert brought them to Continue reading Evolution: The Prince Rupert’s Drop of Science

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Myths of Evolution: The Tail Wagging the Dog

If evolution is true, it does not explain the causal “for” of any evolved feature of living things. Thorns on plants and quills on porcupines? They each evolved for the purpose of protecting the organism from predators. Right? Wrong. One of the myths of evolutionary theory is that features of plants or animals evolved for a purpose. The myth popular among virtually everyone is that Continue reading Myths of Evolution: The Tail Wagging the Dog

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On the Origin of Codes

If evolution is true, then nature learned to code. If one were to write a book entitled, On the Origin of Codes, what might be set forth in the book as an explanation? We ask the question because scientists today understand something about human beings—indeed, all of life—that Darwin didn’t. Inside of us extremely complex physical codes execute detailed instructions with the information to build Continue reading On the Origin of Codes

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It’s time for a Creation Reformation!

For too long members of the Church established by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ have been accommodating to naturalistic explanations for human existence (e.g., evolution). This accommodation manifests publicly in church leaders explicitly or implicitly harboring the teaching that evolution is fully or partially true. Permitting evolution–as an explanation for the creation of human beings from prior, non-human life forms–to have a seat at the Scriptural table only serves to nullify the foundational Biblical truth of creation. This entirely unnecessary seating arrangment must end as it serves only to weaken faith in those whom God created and remove the inherent dignity of those made in God’s image. In fact, such a failure in the church results in legitimizing a demonstrably false creation story devoid of any image-of-God-bearing humans. And without humans made in God’s image there is no Gospel.

Our 95 Theses for a Creation Reformation

It is time for a creation reformation in which church leaders, educators, parents, and students become educated on the science of human origins. Once convinced that naturalistic explanations for human origins fail to explain human existence, we can all see the evidence on Earth differently, and better honor God by teaching creation of humans according to the scriptural account recorded in Genesis. The Gospel is good news only to God’s image-bearers in a fallen world. If we lose the truth of being created by God in His image, we lose any need for the Gospel. Without a creation reformation the Church will continue to be ineffective at reaching those for whom, believing themselves to be the product of evolution, find the Gospel irrelevant to their current or future being.

It’s time for a Creation Reformation!

Check out our 95 Theses for a Creation Reformation.


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