Theistic Evolution

Theistic evolution is a theological doctrine that holds that evolution is true, but God is behind it all. That is, evolution happened, but God directed it.

Theistic evolution is, then, nothing more than another God-creation story. But this story finds no support in the Bible and garners no support among scientists. So why hold it?

Theistic evolution affords to evolution divine guidance it does not need and to God a natural process He does not need. In other words, theistic evolution attempts to articulate a syncretic belief system that combines a creative God in no need of evolution with a naturalistic science in no need of a creative God.


There is only one motivation to adopt a theology of creation that seeks to salvage evolutionary theory: a conviction that evolutionary theory is true; that is, it is sufficient to explain the origin and existence of human beings.

Or fear.

It’s time that the Church and particularly leaders in the Church do their homework. Evolutionary theory is not mysterious or hard to understand. Once understood Bible believers can join Darwinists in affirming that belief in a creative God who created humans—male and female—in His image ex nihilo cannot coexist coherently with a naturalistic science that demands belief only in unguided, purposeless processes said to turn nothing into something, and something into someone.

Leading Darwinists agree: there is simply no argument to be made that Darwinian theory and a belief in the creative God of the Bible as recorded in Genesis can be rationally reconciled.

It’s time for leading Christians to agree to the same, and more. Once evolutionary theory is understood, there is no reason to attempt a rational reconciliation.

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