Was the Apostle John Deluded?

If evolution is true, then John the Apostle is deluded.

We read in scripture from the Apostle John that Jesus was “with God” and “was God”. And Jesus was with God in the beginning and through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.

Jesus is God? Jesus created everything that has been made? If evolution is true, these statements are the lies of a deluded person. They cannot be true. The very idea that an evolved human, which according to evolution Jesus surely was, was at some time in the past with God is simply nonsense. And to say that he was God puts an evolved talking beast in a category unknown to naturalistic science.

Evolutionists say that everything was made without Jesus. Evolutionists say that everything has been made according to purposeless natural processes that did not have any humans, much less Jesus or John or you, in mind.

Evolutionists and John can’t both be right. One is wrong.

And if John is wrong it is simply the eternally insignificant error of an evolved talking beast which we can attribute to being deluded.

But if evolutionists are wrong . . .

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