Imagine if Jesus used Social Media

Here’s a fun thought exercise: Imagine if Jesus lived today on earth and used Facebook or Twitter to preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God.

Imagine if Jesus owned up to the Apostle John’s description as the creator of all things, including human beings? Do you think a flurry of emojis would start flying in from the back, sticking like little burrs on every comment from people who are certain that he is wrong?

Imagine if Jesus pointed to evidence of who he was in the way of fulfilled prophesies? Do you think he would find his feed filled full with those who disagree, but clearly have never checked out the prophesies?

Imagine if Jesus posted his claim to be God. The eternal I Am of the universe. Can you even imagine the storm of comments upon comments, too many to even read, schooling Jesus on the fact that there is no God?

And, imagine if Jesus posted his plan of redemption to all those he made in the image of God. Can you envision the bombardment of ridicule by those who see no need in themselves for redemption?

If only there was a way to imagine what those posts would look like . . .

It’s easy to imagine what the response would look like.

Think about it.

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