Evolution and Reason to Be

If evolution is true, then there is no reason to be here on earth.

Why are we all here on planet earth? Is there a reason? Of course we can make up reasons, imagine reasons, and even criticize other’s supposed reasons for being here. But is there any real reason we are here?

Are we just here to consume air and food as we roam around trying to avoid natural selection’s grab long enough to reproduce?

If evolution is true, the answer is yes.

If evolution is true none of us has any reason to be here. We are not meaningful to nature, we are not meaningful to the universe, we are not meaningful beyond our own imaginations in any way. We are not even un-meaningful. We just are.

But why does this fact of evolution strike most people as nonsense? If evolution is true the term “meaning” itself is meaningless, but to even say that seems somehow absurd. How can meaning be meaningless?

Do you suspect that there might be instinctively deep inside each of us an echo of real, objective meaning in the universe? If so, where would this deep sense of meaning come from?

Think about it.

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