Welcome to Creation Reformation!

Taking Back The Creation Narrative!

Take a look around. We are a “start-up” platform always “evolving” to be better. Our mission over time is to provide people with the necessary knowledge to reject evolution as an explanation for their existence and to embrace creation according to the Genesis account.

Our goal is that all people, and especially Bible-believers, will find encouragement and hope in the knowledge that they are not evolved, but are special creations made in the image of God.

In our view, evolution can be shown to fail as an explanation for humans. Further, if evolution is true, that fact renders the Gospel message void. Likewise, true creation of male and female by God is a historical necessity to render the Gospel necessary and redemptive.

Stay tuned! We add content almost daily. Soon we will have available valuable resources for students, teachers, parents and pastors/rabbis/clergy of all kinds.

One thought on “Welcome to Creation Reformation!

  1. I agree with you. When we look at women and men, for example, how is it possible for women and men to develop in the same way so that the genital areas remain in the same place? With that they came at first by chance??
    And the truth is, I tell you… Just read about Islam and you will see what leaves you astonished… Ease of narration.. and logic in everything he says… Everything is logical.. Do you know why they are fighting Islam? They say it is the religion of the Arabs?? Although it is not… Then because it indicates true freedom.. By God, you will only be convinced. Don’t be stubborn.. Be fair… Read about Islam from its sources… Then criticize it and fight it if you find out that..

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