Natural Selection Exposed

If evolution is true, then natural selection is an integral and vital part of the evolutionary process.

But if you logically consider the role of natural selection for all surviving organisms, including you, you will discover something surprising!

The Natural Selection Paradox exposes the truth about natural selection: It did nothing (nothing!) to facilitate the creation and preservation process for all current living beings.

Yes, nothing. And here is the really interesting part: not everyone can grasp the truth of natural selection and change their mind on evolution.

Atheists, for example, are not free to consider that maybe natural selection is impotent. If natural selection is impotent atheists are left without a creation story. And everyone needs a creation story.

What about you? Can you understand the truth about natural selection and change your mind? Are you a free thinker on this topic?

Try it and see: Read The Natural Selection Paradox (or download a PDF) by clicking the tab above. It will take some effort to read it carefully, as it is very carefully written. But you will be enlightened.

For those who disagree, Creation Reformation invites rebuttals. We welcome the discussion!

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