Evolution and Sovereignty

If evolution is true, then nature–and nature alone–reigns as the only rightful sovereign over human beings.

Do you know what it means to be sovereign? According to the dictionary, the term refers to one that exercises supreme authority within a limited sphere, one who is possessed of supreme power.

Let’s take the limited sphere of human relations. Who or what ought to exercise sovereignty over humans? In other words, who get’s to rule over human beings, telling everyone when and how they must live and when and how they must die?

If you believe evolution is the true explanation for human existence, then the correct answer is nobody, at least no person.

That’s right, nobody. Nobody but you, of course if you limit the sphere to you alone. You have limited self-sovereignty over your body, subject to nature’s sovereignty in the universe. And you love it that way. Believing nature made you free of any moral obligations you don’t personally approve of, you can do as you please when you please right up until the time nature does as it pleases and your limited self-sovereignty abruptly ends.

And it will end.

But what if nature did not create you? What if God created you? Then what?

We all know what. We humans by nature hate anything that threatens our self-sovereignty. We certainly don’t want any person telling us what is right and wrong.

When someone says “jump” our first inclination is to ask “who says?”

What if God says “jump”?

Our human nature reacts viscerally to God’s commands, sometimes with reluctant obedience and sometimes with violent, angry refusals. What the human heart wants more than anything else is to be its own master and its own lord. Because we think we can make our own right and wrong, we want a master and lord who agrees with us. So we invent our own masters and lords made in our image, whether in governments, in churches, or in our own minds.

This is why so many people identify as atheists. Most are not true atheists. Most merely follow in the footsteps of all the many other created spiritual beings (and one famous spiritual being who trembles at the thought) who believe in the true God but simply do not like Him. In fact, they hate Him.

But know this for a fact: If God created the world, including human beings, then He is sovereign over all.

And no amount of hating can change that. Because the hate goes only one way.

Think about it.

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