Introducing: Seven Simple Steps to Truth in Human Origins

Dear Facebook friends and blog readers. We appreciate you all! We are excited to join with you in taking back the creation narrative. For too long we have let secular–even atheistic–science control the narrative. Even Christians, not wanting to look stupid like religious geo-centrists of old, have played along. Some Christians, because they have never been taught otherwise, accept evolutions claims for their creation.

You no longer need to believe the claims of evolution. The truth will win out with instruction in truth. We will do our part at Creation Reformation to present the truth, including publishing a series of entries that will convince you of your creation in God’s image.

Coming soon, Creation Reformation begins taking back the creation narrative with a series of seven simple steps to understanding. You will be surprised by original, insightful, and persuasive reasons to reject evolution as an explanation for your creation and to embrace the Genesis account instead.

We promise you will like it. Find the first step published here. More to come!

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