The Faith of Evolutionists

If evolution is true, then faith must abound for all creation beliefs. It’s time for people of good will and right reason to gracefully but firmly end the charade of modern science regarding evolution. The charade manifests itself in the longsuffering public posture of polite deference toward those who treat evolutionary theory as scientific dogma. We can end the charade, despite the evolutionists’ best efforts, … Continue reading The Faith of Evolutionists

Evolution’s Dry Yearning

If evolution is true, then the thirst of our hearts can never be truly quenched. If you are a normal person you no doubt have experienced the yearning of the heart for affection, the thirst of the soul for meaning, and the desire of the mind for significance. Where does this yearning, thirst, and desire come from? And how can it be fulfilled, quenched, or … Continue reading Evolution’s Dry Yearning

Humans: Just So With No Soul?

If evolution is true then, according to Jesus, it is impossible to inherit eternal life. On one occasion a smart person asked Jesus, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” We will see Jesus’ answer. But note first that his answer will make sense only if a person who can inherit eternal life also possesses certain non-material attributes of their person. We will find … Continue reading Humans: Just So With No Soul?

Did Evolution Make Creationists?

If evolution is true, then unguided and purposeless processes of nature produced creationists. How, then, can creationists be criticized for believing wrong thing? Here is a question: why do evolutionists care what creationists believe? Why is it that evolutionists care to the point of shutting down any scientific challenge to naturalistic evolution? Darwinists insist that science informs us we are not purposeful creations, but rather, … Continue reading Did Evolution Make Creationists?

Theistic Evolution: An Unhelpful Confusion

If evolution is true, then there is no reason to try to fit God into explanations for human origins. Theistic evolution is a hybrid theological doctrine that holds that evolution is true but God is behind it all. That is, evolution happened, but God directed it. Theistic evolution is, then, nothing more than another God-creation story. But it is quite an odd God-creation story because … Continue reading Theistic Evolution: An Unhelpful Confusion

Leave the Church? Why Not?

If evolution is true as the explanation for the creation of human beings, then it should be no surprise that young people are leaving the church in alarming numbers. In a 2016 Pew Research Center survey entitled “Why America’s ‘Nones’ Left Religion Behind,” we find that a major reason is the church’s lack of teaching scientific reasons to believe that the “nones” were created by … Continue reading Leave the Church? Why Not?

Was Jesus in His Right Mind?

If evolution is true, then Jesus was either a liar or a lunatic; he was surely not Lord. What are human beings if evolutionary theory explains our existence? Are not humans merely mobile atom bags? Are we not nothing more than talking animals? Is there anything to connect nature-made human beings to anything non-material, if anything non-material even exists? If evolutionary theory is true, then … Continue reading Was Jesus in His Right Mind?

Humans as Images, Yes! But of What or Whom?

If evolution is true, then human beings are not made in God’s image. Evolutionists allege that evolution by natural selection explains the origin and existence of human beings as the result of purely natural processes that never had them—or anything else—in mind. We exist, they say, only as anything else in nature exists, as a particular form of matter not inherently more interesting or important … Continue reading Humans as Images, Yes! But of What or Whom?

Creation by God: A Gospel Essential

If evolution is true, then there is no gospel of Jesus Christ. What is the gospel? Answering this question from scripture is more difficult than modern Christians desire to contemplate. Books filled with words, seminars filled with Power Point presentations, and trash cans filledwith tracts, all in one way or another seek to distill down the gospel to a few easily communicated ideas. But meditating … Continue reading Creation by God: A Gospel Essential

Evolution and Worship

If evolution is true, then God is not worthy of glory and honor. Biblical scripture teaches that there are four unusual winged beings around the throne of God who day and night never stop saying, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.” It is difficult to imagine a Bible-believer who would not wholeheartedly embrace the sentiment … Continue reading Evolution and Worship