Evolutionists: Thank the Turkey

If evolution is true, then who do we thank at Thanksgiving? If evolution is true, then God did not create human beings. Evolution, regardless of how it is billed by wishful thinkers, recounts a creation story devoid of any purposeful oversight. Evolution supposedly resulted from the Big Bang sending matter sailing meaninglessly through the universe in unintended directions. And we here as part of this … Continue reading Evolutionists: Thank the Turkey

Evolution and the Myth of Populations

If evolution is true, the process works at the level of the individual; the effect on populations is secondary. In a seminal piece entitled The Natural Selection Paradox (Paradox) we have shown with science and logic that natural selection plays no role in explaining the origin, development, or existence of every current living thing. Surprisingly, despite the absolute—and absolutely devastating—claims of the Paradox, and despite … Continue reading Evolution and the Myth of Populations

Evolution and Semantic Contagion

Is belief in evolution an acceptable way to be mad? A fascinating article in the December, 2000, issue of The Atlantic explores the phenomenon of healthy people deliberately setting out to rid themselves of unwanted body parts, such as healthy limbs. Entitled, A New Way to Be Mad, the article explores the topic in terms of “pathologies” and asks, “Can the mere description of a condition make it … Continue reading Evolution and Semantic Contagion

The Bill Nye Challenge

[NOTE: This piece includes quotes from Bill Nye that were hand-transcribed from the referenced video. Any errors in wording or punctuation are unintended.] Bill Nye contends that creationism should not be taught to children.  In a short video entitled, “Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children,” Nye makes his case with several illuminating statements and poses a condescendingly curious question. We will address his … Continue reading The Bill Nye Challenge

Evolution and the Church: What’s the Point?

If evolution is true, the church—any church—is nothing more than a gathering of—or a building that may be filled with—meaningless talking animals. If evolution is the true creation story for human beings, then human beings are nothing more than an evolved animal. And, as animals only we exist merely as the unplanned and purposeless creations of matter in motion. Yes, presumably from the blast of … Continue reading Evolution and the Church: What’s the Point?

Lights Out: A Modern Bedtime Story

If evolution is true and believed, then why do moral arguments for or against abortion exist? If evolutionary theory explains the origin, development, and existence of human beings, then abortion should be celebrated as mere natural selection in action. Along with the unlucky light-colored Peppered Moths in England, the unfortunate short-beaked finches in the Galapagos Islands, the poor short-necked giraffes, and all the other examples … Continue reading Lights Out: A Modern Bedtime Story

The Myth of Eons of Human Existence

If evolution is true, Homo sapiens existed for hundreds of thousands of years. Is this true? Evolutionists claim that the evolution of Homo sapiens happened over millions of years. This notion of eons—an immeasurably or indefinitely long period of time—of human existence on earth is rarely challenged. Accepted as truth because evolutionary theory requires it, eons of Homo sapiens on earth remains as a tenet … Continue reading The Myth of Eons of Human Existence

Evolution: Life Less Abundantly

If evolution is true, then the ordinary course of nature results in life less abundantly. Evolution, if true, operates successfully only as a vast natural system of cold and constant death and destruction. Life, whatever it is, in an evolutionary system holds no special meaning as organisms simply and selfishly consume resources without purpose or meaning. Life? For some. Death? In abundance for others. But … Continue reading Evolution: Life Less Abundantly

Evolution and the Myth of Faith

To hold any creation story as true, one must exercise faith. One of the greatest myths of evolutionary theory is that any scientific belief does not require any faith to believe its veracity. And, of course, according to evolutionists religion requires faith, which is very, very bad. Consider what evolutionist Richard Dawkins said regarding faith: Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse to evade … Continue reading Evolution and the Myth of Faith

Prince Rupert's Drop

Evolution: The Prince Rupert’s Drop of Science

If evolution is true, it should be unbreakable as a theory. Have you ever heard of the Prince Rupert’s drop? Prince Rupert’s drops are toughened glass beads created by dripping molten glass into cold water where the drop rapidly cools. The droplet solidifies into a tadpole shape with a long, thin tail. But the reason these drops have a name (Prince Rupert brought them to … Continue reading Evolution: The Prince Rupert’s Drop of Science