Sponsor a Boosted Post!

NOTE: Sponsoring via Venmo is available only to US users.

Users in the US and other countries can sponsor a post via PayPal.

Creation Reformation is self-funded and in no need of donations for daily operations. However, we do look for ways to partner with our readers so that together we can take back the creation narrative.

Here is a great way to partner with us: Sponsor a Facebook boosted post! Boosted posts on Facebook are a fantastic, cost-effective, way to spread Creation Reformation’s message to tens of thousands of readers.

Creation Reformation can boost a post for as little is $20 for a week of boost time. Would you like to sponsor a post for a week? Or you can sponsor a partial post (we will make up the difference).

Here is how it works:

You Venmo funds to @creationreformation. You can use the QR code below:

For every $20 we receive we will boost a post. If we receive less than $20 we will make up the difference with separate funds.

In the “What’s it for?” field tell us which post(s) you would like to sponsor. If no notation is clearly indicated we will apply the funds to a post(s) of our choosing.

Optionally, send an email to info@ creation-reformation. com (with no spaces) and notify us of the Venmo transfer.

If it is clearly and unambiguously requested, we will publicly give credit to the Venmo sender in the first comment after the boosted post. If this is desired, in the What’s it for? field further state “Please credit <name or initials>.” Requesting publicly viewed recognition is viewed as your express permission for Creation Reformation to use your name or initials, per your request.

We will check Venmo at least once a week. Funds received in currency other than US dollars, including cryptocurrency, will be converted to US dollars. After we receive the Venmo funds we will boost a post. As part of the beta-testing we will record at the bottom of this page funds received and funds dispersed.

Our promise to you:

  • Every penny of your Venmo’d funds will go to sponsor a boosted post.
  • We will not use Venmo’d funds for any other purpose.
  • We will never divulge any identifiable information about you (PII), except, with your permission, a name or initials for public recognition of sponsoring a boosted post.

If you have any question, please send a note to info(at)creation-reformation.com

NOTE: Creation Reformation is not a tax exempt organization. You will receive no tax credit or tax documentation for any funds sent to Creation Reformation.

Photo by Tech Daily on Unsplash