The Bill Nye Challenge

We answered Bill Nye’s question. Now we challenge him to answers ours. Will he?

Bill Nye asks “Why not? Really, why not?” when anyone claims to not believe in evolution. His questions spurred The Bill Nye Challenge. For a full background on The Bill Nye Challenge, see our essay of that title.

There are 101 reasons why people don’t believe in evolution, we will provide one:
We do not believe in evolution because when we carefully consider the role of natural selection in nature, we find a paradox: Natural selection played no role in the origin, development, or existence of any currently living species on earth.

We make and support our claim, which we call The Natural Selection Paradox, in a document of the same name which can be accessed by clicking here.

We further develop the practical truth of The Natural Selection Paradox in two of our delightfully original essays entitled, “Evolution’s Unanswerable Question” and “The Clockwork of Evolution.”

We invite Bill Nye to carefully read The Natural Selection Paradox and answer our Challenge question that derives from it and which must have answers from evolutionists. Here is a corollary question:

In light of the answer to the Challenge question, how would the fate of each ancestor, and thus, human lineage, be different without natural selection?

Can Bill Nye answer our question(s)? Can anyone answer these questions?

We welcome all attempts to answer our simple questions. In fact, we invite answers from anyone for the questions posed. For the more intrepid, we invite formal rebuttals to The Natural Selection Paradox.

Bill Nye (and others) can respond directly and confidentially here: With permission, we will post entire, unedited responses on our blog:, and/or on our Substack, and/or as well (if possible) on our Facebook page: Creation Reformation World.

Let the discussion begin!

Photo modified from photo by Bill Hrybyk, NASA God, Licenced under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. See,, File:BillNyeSG.jpg.